What You Can Do

Educate Yourself – That’s a lot of what this site is all about, and there are plenty of other resources.  Get informed about the science, economics and politics that can solve the puzzle and get us out of our wheelchairs.  Knowledge is a powerful tool !!!!!

Network – Get to know some other folks living with paralysis, either online or in person.  Support and encourage each other to become more visible (there’s strength in numbers).  If you live in a remote area or it’s hard for you to get out, Care Cure Community is a great way to meet people online as well as educate yourself.

Work with your local media – Small town or large, get the words “spinal cord injury”, “paralysis” & “cure” into the newspaper, TV stories, websites, etc.  Write letters to the editor, tell your story to reporters, get VISIBLE.

Speak Out – Once you have knowledge, it becomes easier to speak out about your cause.  The public and the press need to SEE and HEAR what life is like with paralysis.  They need to LEARN that a cure is possible and necessary.  Consider speaking at your local schools, service clubs, civic meetings, etc.  These groups are always looking for a compelling story – tell them yours.

Reach Out – Consider visiting hospitals and rehab facilities in your area.  Share your knowledge and encourage others to join the cure effort.

Get Out – Depending on your physical limitations and level of support systems, this can be a daunting task, but usually worth the effort.  At least once a year try to participate in a major cure activity.  It could be a meeting of scientists (e.g. Neurotrauma) or Working 2 Walk, where science and advocacy meet.  You will find the personal contact to be educational and empowering (see the W2W page).

Financial Support – If you’ve got it to give, contribute to the U2FP cause.