What People are Saying about Working 2 Walk

Every year the Working 2 Walk Science & Advocacy Symposium engages all of the stakeholders in the spinal cord injury community for two days of sharing our knowledge, our priorities, and our urgency to find cures. Collaborations are formed, friendships made, and strategies developed to accelerate the achievement of treatments that will restore health and independence to those living with paralysis. Here’s what people are saying:


“My husband and I are only 2.5 years out from his injury and still have so much to learn. This was our first W2W and we loved it. Being surrounded by others who understood us and could share experiences and advice was so encouraging. We were also very engaged and inspired by many of the presentations, in particular those regarding science and research.”


“The W2W conference really did a wonderful job of engaging the audience and did an outstanding job of putting the information in terms very friendly for the audience. Timing for the conference was managed wonderfully.”

“The community at W2W was warm and embracing.  The staff was extremely helpful and we benefited from both connecting to this community and learning more about the strides they’re making to treat SCI.”



“At my first Working 2 Walk I was absolutely blown away by the scientific research that was going on, by the passion that the advocates for a cure have, and how business and regulatory agencies play into getting potential treatments to trial and eventually to the people that need them. W2W showed me my knowledge and curiosity could actually be used to do something significant. I’m a soldier in the movement to cure SCI and paralysis, and every year Working 2 Walk reinforces that.”