• 2017 Working 2 Walk Symposium

    Plan to join us in Miami for the 2017 Working 2 Walk Symposium.

  • Cure Warrior Advocate Award at Working 2 Walk

    Congratulations to this year's winner - Kate Willette!

  • Panel Discussion with Drs. Lee, Darrow & Wolfson

    Local researchers Drs. Kendall Lee and David Darrow join Mike Wolfson from the NIH in a panel discussion.

  • In the Ballroom

    Advocates working hard to take it all in.

  • What It Takes to Commercialize a Therapy

    Nick Terrafranca explains the process of taking a therapy from the lab to the market.

News Alert
U2FP welcomes Dr. John Houle to its Scientific Advisory Board.

Recordings of the 2016 Working 2 Walk presentations can be accessed on our Vimeo page. Learn about the latest developments in research and advocacy for recovery from spinal cord injury.

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