• Check Presentation to Brian Kwon

    Geoff Kent presents a check from SCI Sucks & U2FP to the lab of Dr. Brian Kwon. The project was reviewed and recommended by U2FP's Scientific Advisory Board.

  • The Working 2 Walk Experience

    Hear first-hand how the Working 2 Walk Symposium changes people's lives.

  • 2015 Working 2 Walk Symposium

    Plan now to join us for the 10th anniversary of Working 2 Walk, September 27-28, 2015 in Bethesda, MD.

  • Stories of Paralysis

    Read the powerful stories from people living with paralysis, and share yours to help us build our voice.

News Alert

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Fantastic story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about Dr. Murray Blackmore and the life of a research scientist.

Press Release
– U2FP supports groundbreaking work of Dr. Jerry Silver.

Video recordings of the presentations at this year’s Working 2 Walk Symposium are now being uploaded.